What is truth?

There is this seemigly endless enigma in even the greatest minds of mankind, where few seem to be able to find a comforting answer to the question, "What is truth?"

For those of us at Truth Central, that question is no longer a fearful question, but a strongly answered one, as our research into the many avenues of our history's halls of accumulated wisdom and knowledge have, every time, sent us right back to one amazing place...   the Bible.

For those of you who have been finding that this is the case in your own studies as well, and would like a taste of what we have found, feel free to now take a moment and look at some of the subpages below, and see if you'd like to delve a little deeper down the rabbit hole of life, into the realm that we have found, a realm that has excitedly become the magnificent end of the rainbow for us in this global mess, the place where we have been taken as if finding our perfect landing site: The Bible.

Below you will find a few items of interest that may take you a little deeper into understanding the elitist evils of the world, and....   in understanding what the elite's biggest fear is.  and not surprisingly, what they fear the very most is that you will discover what is really in that Bible.   Wanna help us put and even greater fear of God into the heats of our tyrants?

Here are a few articles that might interest the deeper researcher:

if you like what you see in the tid bits above, then perhaps you may be ready for not just the meat and potatoes of what we have found in recent decades, but what may even be the most massive revealed secret the world has ever uncovered !!!   You then may perhaps even want to "go for the works" as they say, and explore the deepest layers of truth at our most rewarding library of spiritual truth, our most thoroughly assembled cornucopia of Scriptural discovery: 
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