The long-buried answer

Well my friends, if you have seen most of this website by now, at least some of you are being honest with yourselves and realizing that yes, I suppose we really are in some pretty serious trouble.  But there's amazing hope, because, if you've also read the book "Bullies for satan" mentioned on another page, then you also may have begun to get a good understanding that the super wicked of the world have slowly but surely hidden the solution from us over many centuries...   and that's because they don't want us finding "the secret" in how to defeat them, make sense?

You may have also noticed that we are a group of people here at Truth Central who believe in the God of the Bible, and there's of course a very strong reason for that, and that is that we have found the Bible to be the most unbelieveably accurate book ever written.  it is accurate for past, present, and as we see these things unfolding at this very moment, the future is looking more and more as if the Bible has been perfectly on point all along, although the organized, money-based churches have taught a very differnet picture of that over the years now.  Gee, I wonder why?  Well....

You may have also noticed that some of our links go back to biblical sources, and perhaps you have found them more intriguing than say, when you heard "the less exciting Bible stuff" in your large organized church, where there's also a reason for that as well...   they have been taken over by the very same people who don't want you to know what is really in that Bible.  Now this is not to say that your pastor or preacher is a major player in the "New Word Order's sinister plot" in any direct way (although it sure is possible), but he may be just as hoodwinked and drawn into the very same web of lies as many of us once were, and has gotten so accustomed to preaching the status quo, that he doesnt need to be replaced by an actual 'plant' or jesuit insider, so long as they can see that he's doing fine just as he is, himself harmlessly teaching the watered down, disarmed or "neutered" interpretations of the Bible that he himself may have heard from actual jesuit "wolves in sheep's clothing" when he was learning, etc.  The "Christian religion" that is being preached all over television, the mainstream radio, etc, is not the true Bible ladies and gentlemen, it is a muti-faceted, intentionally diversified illusion of one, one that can do no harm for the present powers to be, in being able to otherwise awaken a society's peasantry to the real tyranny-protecting powers of it's awesome "tyrant pummeling God".

We Americans, Canadians, some residual tyranny-rebelling Brits, etc, had gotten too comfortable in our previous puritan era protections under that God, where especially in America, we got "too big for our britches" as they say, and in our abundance come of that generous God, became fat and happy as a nation, and then got so overconfident in ourselves and in our own self-appointed ability to then take it upon ourselves to write our own laws, that we eventually kicked God, His Commandments, and all of His guidance out of our lives and out of our nation.  He then, by His own loving character to not interfere with those who do not want Him and His ways, was heart-broken, but under His own gift of a free will to man to not force Himsefl on anybody, was also lawfully obligated to walk away from our nation, leaving us just as we had asked for, which was that we were now wide open to anyone and everyone who would want to rob and plunder us.    --just as the evidence now shows, the dark side had tricked us into, and largely by a well-planned group of two-faced "founding fathers"!

So here we are now, a nation gone completely astray, just as the Israelites of that Bible (and verified by many secular writings as well, by the way) had also pushed God away at times and had also been left to their own devices, and just like us of course...  left without God's protections by our own hand.

It is therefore because we (and this means all of us individually as the generations got worse and worse, and then as a nation) had gotten too big-headed and felt that we could replace His Commandment system with some supposedly better system of our own creation (the U.S. Constitution being the biggest initial example of this; see this page), that we (in effect) "sent God packing", and we were left spiritually naked and completely vulnerable to a gradually-infecting satanic system that would totally infect us to the point that we're in today.    ... and now some of us even have the gaul to sit back and blame God, angrily waving our fists at Him, decrying that we can't believe how an "all-loving God" can be so cruel to this "Christian" nation, most of us never even really taking any time to look into much of this nor think things through to see how we had cast Him away like some old rag in the first place, and thereby had gotten ourselves into such a mess by our own choice.

Yet this God is merciful to those who will take the time to think things through and repent in looking for Him and His guidance, and some of us have found that wonderful path back into those mercies.  Would any of you like to hear more, and get those same mercies and inner peace?

Well, that 's what our prime website of Biblical Correctness Ministries ( is all about:  its the site that was developed to be somewhat the college level Bible study spot for those who have been unable to find a real local church that was still teaching this God's real Bible.

There are a small but growing number of us that truly again respect this God and have excitedly found a wonderful peace in such wicked times, and we even call Him by His true, previously also hidden name as well by the way, which is YHWH the Hebrew name of the God of the Bible, of which can be found in thousands of places in the original ancient, unaltered versions of the Bible.

There are mountains of re-emerging truths that are being discovered in our age, where this website, although somewhat thorough in its basic exposure of this "beast system's" evils, still does not go to the last layers of discovery that are the most exciting.

There is amazing new hope and a feeling of peace that can be had by all, for those who turn their lives to a serious respect for that God of the Bible, and there's hope for all who would like to visit our biblically deeper website, which is based on a very humble but long-running ministry that has never in its history, ever asked for donations, but only asks that folks that they use their minds and hearts and strongly consider the research that has been painstakingly assembled for them there, and hopefully apply it to their lives, so that we can all defeat this evil system peacefully, once and for all, for ourselves, and our loved ones.

There are many contributors to the Biblical Correctness Ministries website, although the bulk of the material is checked for biblical accuracy by the ministry's founding team at every turn, to make certain that no compromise has snuck in in any harmful ways that might misguide anyone who, just as we had done years ago, may now be looking for that same deeper understanding of the God of the Bible--a God that more and more of the serious are discovering in this age for the first REAL time.

So, if you have found our assembled resources at this site to be factual, verifiable, and sincererely presented, and it has educated you to the serious dangers that are lurking and waiting to explode upon our nation and world, then we invite you to further see something that all of the other websites won't show, which is the long-buried answer that the global powers don't want you to see.  If you are now aware of the real dangers that are coming our way, and you want to see what the elite slavemasters don't want you to know, then by all means, please dont waste any time.  Head on over to our college level of better understanding God's real Bible, and find out as we did, how understanding it the right way brings the joy and hope that is indescribable.  It will also comfort you in learning how to get right with that God so that none of this coming chaos will harm those who have chosen His ways and are thereby faithful and true to Him as a KIng of kings--a King that can never be cruel to His people.   

An atmosphere of the purest law and justice based on love is what true peace is built upon, and the powers to be have hidden that true "perfect law of love" from us for far too long now.  Want to hear more about the peace we have found ?  Come join us then!  Come study the previously hidden ways to true peace with us.

of Biblical Correctness Ministries
writing for all of our friends at Truth Central


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