The "law unschooled"

Why is it that all through elementary, junior and senior highschool, we are not taught much at all about "law"?  We have history (altered of course), gymnastics, art, music, and certainly "reading writing and arithmetic", but why never any classes on "law"?  Well, I'll tell you why...  they didnt want us to have any of those classes.  its just that simple. 

We had Spanish class, French class, and of course English class, but never a law class.  We learned how to dovetail joints together in woodshop, and evolution disguised as science did its best to teach us how we came from monkeys.  Ww even had some classes on home economics, but never any classes on law. We had some classes called "civics", but looking back, it was a pathetic replacement for anything remotely resembling law, as it seemed to be more of a class of academic 

Okay, okay, I guess you get the picture, but why did we never complain about this before?  Because we were already conditioned to accept that our "We the people" rulers would handle all of that for us.  How nice of them, huh?

They kept the law topics far into the realm of the super rich and the ivy league schools where guys like George Bush learned how to do wierd sex acts in coffins with other guys, which was (I suppose) "Skull and Bones" class, eh?

We found this interesting youtube that fit our initial thoughts, although even the interviewers were not yet educated to the fact that there are even better laws than the Constitution, we felt that it even more so then helped to prove the point all the more, that at least some form of basic law needs to be taught in the schools.  This one was created by the younger of us who are apparetnly diligently trying to get to the bottom of why America is "law-blind" (as I say it) and therefore this video is of course geared to awaken the college crowd the way it is produced, so its fun to watch the innocence of those who are yet genuinely searching for the truth because the last place they know they'll find it is in school:

Should Fundamental law be taught in our high schools?

More to come on this subject, so stay tuned!