Television: your enemy

One of the hardest addictions for mankind to let go of today, is amazingly...  the television!  It has become the most useful tool of the elite in conditioning their masses into total submission, by convincing people that things that they think are dangerous for them are just fine, and things that are good for them and their protection should be seen as quackery.  It is all done not just by the smoke and mirrors through the magic of television, but more so by the hidden subliminal suggestions that are in basically every single television show on the tube.

Some of us at Truth Central have been completely "television free", just like a recovering drug addict, and "clean" for more than ten or twenty years now, having found out early on just how sinister and destructive the television system truly is for us.

Your biggest enemy is your television set and all the sources that deliver its signals to your home!  Some would even say that television is even satan's pulpit, and we agree!

"Truth is not the product of consensus!"

We've linked to a fascinating new 
documentary on this subject.
Give this a try, it's called, "Hell-i-vision"

Behind the Big News

media lies

"Television is satan's 24-hour hypnotist, his best tool for enslaving and slowly damning the gullible!"

More to come on this subject  !  so...

    Stay tuned!  (pun intended)

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