Social Security

"A large part of the reason for the social security scheme was to get you to accept a slave/possession/tracking number that you yourself would ignorantly never want to let go of, even till the day you died.  And countless people now hold on to it for dear life, not knowing that it jurisdictionally sentences you to a fate worse than death."    
 -dwaine moore


Many have yet to stop and look into the logistics behind the social seciurity number that they so proudly
offer to every legal official upon request.  But what is this system really in place for?  Especially if (as they say...) it is always broke?

Consider social[ist] security's real underlying dark side brilliantly laid out in an article from a well respected preacher friend of ours:

For hundreds of interesting pages of helpful well-kept secrets and law listings surrounding the 
social security system, how it is yet voluntary, how to opt out, etc, see below (2MB PDF):