With the advances of researchers who are finding more and moreways around tje mass media talking heads and the lies, even the less awakened of us already at least know that the entire NASA program has extremely fishy connections that, prior to our understanding the elite's enslavement program on the world, we would have never before understood nor believed the things we were seeing coming from the NASA whistleblowers.  Yet here we are, caught up in the greatest charade man has ever had foisted upon himself, and it all fits what we now see as a global plan to separate the elite from the "useless eaters" for the selfixhness of the greedy elite.

Try this one for starters, which connects many dots between NASA, HAARP, chemtrails, and mind control to name a few.  How credible is the extended forecast shown in this one?  We would say that, after all we have studied these things, it is highly likely that they might at least be looking at this plan as at least a last-ditch way of distracting the world's population to distract us from what "they" are doing to us.  See what you think: