Mind Control

The information behind this creepy reality is coming out in faster and faster bundles from many around the world who are blowing the whistle based on their own stories of having been abused by this scientifically steered withcraft, and yes, tons of people are successfully controlled by television as well.  This page is expected to grow for all of you, but for now, check out these quick videos for starters:

YouTube Video

There's no secret behind this to those of us who have been studying this for years, including how long ago they had begun this, where this does not even go all the way back in time to whenthey began doing this to us, but is nonetheless a very easy-to-see example proving even how they were even using the common hypnotist tricks of the 60's and 70's that many of us will remember, enlisting one of the most obvious hypnosis techniques in the book to captivate and "re-train" people to think what tey wanted them to think.  See this most fascinating segment: