Welcome to the new spearhead site of the "Truth Central" network. 

We're an assemblage of the nation's most serious truth-loving people, originally created by a once tiny, but of course now still growing group of fearless people nationwide who feel it unavoidable to do anything else but to responsibly and thoroughly investigate the deepest of the issues of our world (and we mean deepest!).  We do this tirelessly in order to accurately assemble and fully understand how the whole planet is increasingly suffering under a growing chaotic tyranny by a handful of greedy elitists.

We work to precisely identify and expose all the lies coming from everywhere around us, and to a point where we can now even show how the truth we are uncovering is also amazingly even now revealing how to combat these issues and lies with some very simple and time-tested peaceful approaches! But you have to go to the deeper layers to understand what we have found, that sends the other routine "political solutions" right out the door in a then totally understood uselessness!

Therefore my truth and freedom-loving friends, please know that you have arrived at a great starting 
point, being the Truth Central North American Directories website (Truth Central USA), which is basically the command center, heart, and flagship for our growing affiliated satellite Truth Central groups across the North American Continent.   Each Truth Central member group shares a solid unified agreement to the overall goal while allowing differences of opinion on minor issues (which is how true freedom works), each thereby presenting uniquely seen vantage points but all via the same embraced peaceful solution to our otherwise "hard to understand" governance dilemma.  

So, from group to group within the Truth Central network, we all hold to a number of steadfast agreed-to basics of how we all unanimously see and must address all of this, and thereby expect that you, just as others, will similarly find our unity of research and approaches to be the best of the best, and find it so intriguing, that once it sinks in, you will want to share what we have found here with many others! You may even want to become a part of the team yourselves, where either way, we all win by helping one another to bring this global mess to a quicker end!  Sound like good news?  Well it truly is good news, as there are many parts of this otherwise dark time we're in that a lot of the other grass roots folks have yet to see, where the deeper layers are not just fascinating to learn about, but they're also extremely hopeful-looking too, especially to those of us seeking a peaceful end to all of this!  You too will agree, once you also take the time to see the true picture and how it can be very easily put together in one's mind, and... in a way that exciting light bulbs seem to go off above one's head, and then uncontrollable smiles can no longer hide your new hope! 

If that sounds good so far, then please also know that it has also been a labor of love for many of us here to find better and better ways to explain these centuries-hidden and previously complicated issues, using illustrations and analogies in simplified ways where the average cowpoke on the street can truly "get it"!  

Its also comforting to know that we've had many combined years experience now (especially including the last decade with the knowledge base of Truth Central itself), where we hope to now more efficiently pass on much more of what we have learned, to generate even more new hope for many out there who once thought this scenario to be far too complicated and hopeless to even want to look into.  But stopping at such a point before you even begin would be a defeatist attitude that we don't have, where you too will agree because once you are able to see the entire picture with us, It's no longer "scary", but is instead actually very exciting to see how it suddenly seems so clear, and I mean SO clear, that we can see great things on the horizon where its a no-brainer how "the good guys" can easily win this contest!  (...that is, if we all play our cards right [so to speak] and contribute in some very simple ways as the founding members of Truth Central are still showing us!)  So take a fun look at our past with us...

Truth Central's Original Founders
To the left is a surviving "aged" photo of our predecessors taken during the very first week that they started this thing called "Truth Central". They did so with a very tiny website out of this old abandoned store front in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.  What was once started on a shoestring budget now has a bootlace budget for its growing staff!  Well, not a big difference funding-wise I suppose, but we've got many more friends today, and very genuine ones today at that, who won't compromise when it comes to truth!

We've basically assembled what we feel is "the best of the best" from scientists, doctors, authors, writers, investigators and journalists, etc, from all over the globe, whose own particular specialties have found some extremely important parts of the various puzzle pieces that best help us to understand how the super rich and super wicked (and for their own benefit of course) are desperately trying to transform the world into the most terrifying slave state mankind has ever seen.

So we hope you will be patient with all the construction woes of our newly forming networked information sharing system, as we are in some initial but temporary restructuring stages in bringing this new "networking" website alive over this "holiday" weekend where we are completely reorganizing and again expanding the entire "Truth Central" concept in order to reach out in a much larger way than ever before while simultaneously getting ready for our ten year anniversary goals of saturating the whole world with the most courageous of truth!  And...  in one of the best ways that only truth can reveal itself, which is by issues being investigated and revealed by those who really want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God!

With all of our hearts to all of you who wish to seek these previously hidden
realities of peace with us, we offer you our hand in friendship,

- the volunteer staff of "Truth Central"