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Street drugs

"Put in simple terms, drug dealers are the patsies that have been duped into selling even their closest friends into literal global slavery.  All of these large or small time dealers foolisly bring in massive amounts of money for the elite who are working to dumb down, enslave, and kill us off, while stupidly thinking themselves to be cool."
--George Maxwell  (aka: dwaine)

To begin, one must understand that all players in the street level drug world are on the side of those who want to enclave us and reduce the population.  No question about it.

For those of you who are not yet aware of who is really behind the illegal drug scene, this page is for you.  Please first know that its not just a bunch of shady mafia-type entrpreneurs scattered in hiding places around the world who are trying to get away with making and sellign drugs while fearing that they'll be caught, oh no...     but they are an amazingly complex and connected group of huge business tycoons who are merely on the drug side of this global/elitist plan to pillage and depopulate the planet.

All drug dealers are working for those who want you dead.  There are not ways out of that one, even for the little guy that thinks that his selling a joint here or there is no big deal, as what his stupid mind does not know, is that it is no longer just marijuana anymore, but a weed smothered with extremely complex chemicals that ar designed to get you so addicted that it leads you into a never ending eternal attachment to their way of draining everything about you till it kills you.  in other words, you are their money-gathering slave till the day you die now, just as the super rich satanists want.  They want nothing more than do drain everyone i the world of their money and assets, then let them die poor and lenniless.  This is no differnet than the Cancer cartels that send unwitting sould to chemotherapy and radiation treatments till the money and insurance is gone, then tell them that they only have so long to live.  Such too, is the life of the drug world, where the wicked ones are the ones on the streen selling the drugs to their friends and neighbors.

And although this is not understood by everyone, take a look at this film, for a beginners look at how these drugs come down, not from little hideaways in underground cellar crook hideouts, but from the very same overlords we elect into office.  its a factual look at the drug chain from the fat cats who run our country, to those who are left suffering the consequences...

In Search of the American Drug Lords

It seems that some of the excellent original documentaries done by Daniel Hopsicker (aka: "Mad Cow") are no longer around on the net as the full length versions we are aware of (and gee I wonder why?) except for this particular one we presently have posted, but we have info on how to get hard copies of the original unedited ones if anyone would like to contact us.