We'd like to begin with one of our own productions called "Dirty Water".

Dirty Water is our ten-year-old classic film produced in a rush one week when we were also trying to get our (first) "Truth Central" outreach center up and running.

Dirty Water

The Christopher Bryson 'short' called "The Fluoride Deception" is also embedded and played in its entirety in the center of this film's many fluoride facts and testimonies.

If you are still drinking fluoridated water, you may not even care about such films as this, as the cycle of ingesting fluoride and the ability to think straight is in and of itself a catch 22, where the mind then does not want to see how they are causing us to not want to hear about the truth, etc, as it seems that they use this very chemical as the catalyst for other parts of their mind control program on the masses.