Controlled opposition

What is this term called "controlled opposition?  Does it mean what it implies?

In everyday language it means that someone has been either paid, or blackmaiked into telling "the other side" lies to keep them off the trail of the truth, done so that the corrupt side has an advantage and upper hand over those who are being robbed, pillaged, tyranized or all of the above.

They are around us in strategic locations (but not in such large numbers as they'd like us to believe). They are largely the mainstream media, the huge organized church leaderships, many politicians, and even in many key positions in our government alphabet groups.  They are also the little "un-noticable" guys that are sometimes called moles, shills, trolls, and snitches.  They are sometimes even our good friends and Pastors, but the average person on the street would never know it, as they have been completely sworn to the "deals" they have made with those who might sometimes be called their handlers, etc.  It is a very complex web of informants, weasels and even just people with no conscience for their neighbors, that have become lured into a life of what might sometimes be called a spy.  Some are in it in having been tricked or blackmailed as I said earlier, and therefore due to fear, are somewhat trapped (or so it seems in their eyes) in not being able to feel they can find help in getting out of the position that they've found themselves in.  Some have actually "turned" to become whistleblowers (although you rarely hear much about that because the system finds ways to keep a large part of that quiet) and some even come completely out giving their lives to God, to then find that they are marked men, and sometimes pay the ultimate price for their "telling on the bullies" (if you will), of which a good example of this would be Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit priest who spilled the beans big-time (see short video here) and two years later was murdered by the Jesuits for his "betrayal".

Yet the more openly operating of these are the talking heads on television, of which pretty much every influential figure on television (including almost all if NOT all of the television and radio televanlgelists, etc) are playing at least a minor role in this controlled opposition "conditioning of the masses (see our page "television: Your Enemy") to get you far and away from the real truth and thereby solution to their criminal collusion against us.

A most easy example of this that we might show you, is a fellow known as Glenn Beck.  There are many "artists" like him in theri circuit, but he seems to be one of the great masters at charismatically swooning his audience into whatever mindset he wants them in at any given time.  Watch this clip for starters (you have to see the full last couple minutes to get the full effect of what this shows us):

Cry at the drop of a hat


After watching this video, will you ever really trust Mr. Beck's sincerity on the tube again?  How about all of the others on network television?

You see, he's on the secular side.  The guys on their well-paid televangelist side do the same thing.  Remember Jim and Tammy Baker?  Not even the "religious" programming on the mainstream media (television) are able to say what they might want to say, as they are paid and sworn to keep you far and away from what we have found.

Yet for a more interesting way to see this perticular fellow and the way many of his counterparts are "persuading us in untruthful directions" (dissinformation specialists), read this classic single sheet article on how one of our members calls this [occupation (?)]...   "short pointing" :

Do you know what "astroturf" means as a slang in the media world?
Here's a great new video on how moles destroy truth from the mainstream media on down to the smallest blogs on the net:

YouTube Video

See also our page: "Television: Your Enemy"