What American has not, on at least one occasion or another, associated the word "freedom" with the
United States Constitution?  Almost all of us have at one time or another, as we have been trained that this document was the lifeblood of our liberties.  But what if even this part of the elite's deep dark secrets has a bad side as well?

Find out all that you want to know about the Constitution and how it compares to things like the Bible by getting the free DVD that we offer, that will show a side of this realm that few have ever been taught.

We've been told that you can just email the producer of the video/DVD at (include a physical mailing address they can send it to of course) and the words "Free Constitution DVD" in the subject line and they will be sure to mail one to you without any obligation and no further communications if you do not ask for any of course.

More on this subject plus full youtube/net viewing of the films from this disc can be found at this page:

NEW youtube video and book that these same folks have made, makes perfect sense!  This was just released this week and is getting great reviews!  Check it out! :

This is an interview that was done with Ted a short while back, that helps to give a personal touch to why these things are needed in our land: