Common Law

There's a popular notion among Americans that "Common Law" is perhaps the greatest solution under the sun for our governance woes.  But is this realistic once you know the real underlying truth about Common Law?

Many self-taught law experts (and most with very good un-informed intentions by the way) will proudly advocate the return of Common Law (and either all or in part) to save us from our presently growing oppressive law structure.  But is Common Law actually as wonderful as it appears to be on the surface?  ...or is it just another very clever smoke screen to additionally keep us off track in the regaining of our true liberties?

Many professors and law scholars have written mountains of huge books on Common Law (and again, some with good intentions we're sure), but we have found the best non-abstract, transparent and less time-consuming writing to be this simple 20-some page PDF on the subject from our friends at, and it's similar video that shows the hidden problems with Common Law, Natural Law, Organic Law, "unwritten law", "unspoken law", etc:

24-page PDF book: "Defining Law and Removing..."

The Land of Make Believe Laws

And for the biblically serious of us, this one is a slam dunk against the law types who say that Common Law is Biblical: