9/11 truth

According to many, this subject is the door that most often awakens the unsuspecting mind in wanting to then know what is behind all of the other doors of deception that we are finding ourselves under today.  

   Can there be any hope left that we are being told the truth in any other areas, once one knows how badly the evidence shows the official 

The Anatomy of a Great Deception

story of 9/11 to be so impossible, even if just under the simple laws of physics?

At left is a great starter film, superbly assembled and presented to give the viewer the sense that he or she is not alone in feeling as if they are being hoodwinked all by themselves in this world, but are now a part of a fast growing group of people who simply want to get to the bottom of why we are being lied to so very badly, and about so many things.  The film is called "Anatomy of a Great Deception" and has taken first place among those of us at Truth Central as being the best starter documentary on the subject of 9/11.

9/11 Ripple Effect

Second in line is this next video, called "9/11 Ripple Effect" which shows without doubt that the events that took place that day simply could not have been orchestrated by 19 cave-dwelling radicals who just crawled out of their hole to terrorize America with box cutters (as the government story would like you to believe):

There is then my all-time favorite, which is called "9/11 Mysteries, part 1, Demolitions", here:

9/11 Mysteries; Demolitions

After we watch some of these amazingly presented documentaries for the very first time (and these are not all of them, there are dozens of other extremely well done professional films on this as well), the more logical of us then have to honestly admit to ourselves that something really creepy is going on inside the darkened halls of our ruling overlord system, agreed?

9/11 Zero

This one is another that I am very much recommending, as it is produced by an Italian outfit (even other nations know more than we do about our own crooked government anymore, how sad, huh?).

You'ill find the European personalities in here to be very intriguing in regards to the level of their sincerity in wanting to get the truth of this out to the world.

9/11 Press for Truth

Here's a heart-tugging testimonial documentary that shows a group of the widowed wives (who were dubed "The Jersey Girls" by the media some years back) as they struggled in a fight to get to the truth of what really happened that day, killing their husbands, and the mountain of government resistance they resultantly found themselves up against trying to shut them up.

Architects and Engineeers for 9/11 Truth

RIchard Gage began this group some years back.  Its a group of architects and engineers that had signed on by the thousands (and still are growing), agreeing that there is no physical truth whatsoever to support the government's story on 9/11.  In fact, all physics clearly shows a massive cover up of what really happened that day.

This one is for the mechanically-minded among us.

Professor Stephen Jones

Professor Stephen Jones got on board the 9/11 truth issue very early on, and began producing videos on 9/11 before most others.  This is one of his amazing and scientifically irreputable videos.

Loose Change 2nd Edition

Yet there is no replacement for the documentary done by (back then) a bunch of very young men who wanted to have a life ahead of them.  This is the famed "Loose Change" video, perhaps the most widely viewed 9/11 documentary of all time, and we chose the second edition due to the fact that the planes landing at Cleveland airport was something that we knew about in Pittsburgh that morning as well.  Enjoy.

Even the British Now have a pretty good video showing the farce of 9/11.

We will warn you that there are a couple places with foul language, but it has some video clips and interview aspects that we have never seen before about 9/11 and a few other false flag ops, and some opinions about war that many should hear as well.  So this one makes or list as well, being added in MAr of 2016.

There are a lot more that we have seen and recommend, and we are just going to list some links to the rest and you can sort out the ones you find to be your favorites as you go:

"National Security Alert" done by the guys that make up "the Citizen Investigation Team".  These brave young men are from Southern Califoria and were on one of our broadcasts a few years back, speaking of the interviews they did, including a great story on how they caught the "cabbie" in his lie about the broken light pole in front of the Pentagon (cab driver segment near the end of film).

"9/11 The Myth and the Reality" was a film done by David Ray Griffin that also deserves some great kudos:

How about the latest article from AE 9/11 truth (pdf):